Shelter, Pitbull Made His Own Bed Every Day Until A Family Adopted Him

The dog is so eager to find a new home that he would do anything just to prove what a good friend and perfect family member he would be.

At the SISA Animal Rescue Center in Kettering, Ohio, where the shelter dog Rush is captured on video, he clutches the blanket to his teeth and sadly looks into the camera and tries to make his own bed.

SICSA posted the video on Facebook and one family saw the video, they went to Rush and gave it a new family. Rush’s new family is a local couple. They decided to adopt the dog a week later, also believing they were linked by fate.

The couple had previously lost their dog and were not fully prepared for a new pet to come to their family at the time.

However, after they learned about Rush on social media and a website dedicated to animal shelters, they decided to change their mind. then they plan to welcome Rush home as a new member of the family

Every animal deserves it! ❤️❤️
The staff here are very happy that the dog has a wonderful home and a loving family. He’s a handsome, good-natured guy!

Let’s thank and bless the family that adopted this beautiful dog. I am sure the dog will be a good member and he will be filled with happiness and love…. ❤️🙏🙏🙏

Watch the hilarious in video below: