People Laugh At Me Because I Am Ugly Body, Strange. Please Don’t Make Fun Of Me ❤️

Meet Luna! She is a small puppy about 4 months old, weighing about 1.2kg.

Luna has been abandoned on the streets because of malnutrition and weakness, Luna’s head had a wound, her hind legs could not stand up.

Luna is exhausted from human abuse, but … she longs to live.

Luna had an X-ray and ultrasound scan. Luna has many diseases: liver, intestinal, kidney. Her head also has a lot of mucus.

Currently, Luna will stay in Vet, after her health stabilizes. Luna will have surgery.

Every day, we spend a lot of time with Luna. We massaged her, helping her legs recover soon.
Today, Luna eats a lot. She is a very friendly and cute little puppy. Luna has made a great recovery. She gained weight, super beautiful.

She is living a warm and happy life. She has a huge cat to protect. She will grow up in good health and live a happy life. 

Thanks for the help of everyone in giving her a new life. Your kindness and love saved a life. Please send your love to her and share her story.

Watch her full story and her happy ending in the video below! 

Special thanks to: Yuri Mar Bc 💚
Thanks to the channel : The Moho ❤️