ohn Travolta shares sweet video of rescue dog waking him up with kisses

John Travolta Posts A Heartwarming Video Of Rescue Dog Waking Him Up With Kisses

John Travolta shared a video on Instagram showing him being attacked by his son’s puppy. It is obvious that the star of ‘Face Off’ is completely loved by his son’s puppy, who jumped all over his face to wake him up.

The actor captioned the video with “this is the way Peanut, Ben’s dog, wakes me up”. You can see in the video below the dog waking his grandpa up by licking and kissing him.

Travolta tried to talk with the dog with a kiddy sound, but the puppy was completely over his face! The dog was previously known as Mac N Cheese, but it seems that she was given a new name.

Peanut was adopted by Travolta after she was brought on stage by Jamie Lee Curtis to honour Betty White. You can also see on Travolta’s Instagram some other video of his kids. You have to watch them. Watch the video below.


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