Homeless dog too sad to raise his head for dinner after 5 years at shelter..

Detroit, Michigan A homeless dog named Bear has become so depressed by his lonesome life that he has stopped looking up for food. On Sunday, the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) posted a video of Bear with the following caption:

Bear is so depressed that he won’t even lift his head to eat; it gets boring staring at the same walls for nearly five years in a kennel.

According to his adoption profile, Bear has a kind and loving disposition despite his tragic past:

Even though his previous owner had shunned him… You’d never guess, right? He doesn’t harbor any resentments! You have never seen a more adorable kid than him! Bear is a devoted and amiable couch potato who only wants to be adored. He is a cute, vivacious, and happy puppy seeking a home where he can receive all the love he needs!

Bear has been potty and crate trained and can follow simple instructions.

However, nobody wants to give Bear a chance, and it’s obvious that the isolation is having an impact. The rescue organization claims that Bear is a couch potato who adores people. But his new home must not contain any cats or small dogs.

Please spread the word about Bear’s adoption so that he can find his happily-ever-after. There is someone out there who is ideal for him!