Delicate Rescue Operation In A Cave For A Dog Lost For Almost 2 Months

A dog that had been missing for two months was rescued by a team of speleologists.

Due to the layout of the building, their objective was especially challenging, as reported by positive-info.  Almost two months after disappearing on June 9, a dog named Abby was discovered and saved by cave divers on August 6.

When hunting for Abby, how did her family not notice that she had wandered off and ended up in a cave? Only she can provide a definitive response to this inquiry.

Even though she had access to water and freshwater fish and crustaceans, it is unknown how she survived in this unfriendly and entirely dark habitat. However, experts immediately went into action to save the puppy after learning that she had been seen in the Tom Moore subterranean tunnels between Brewer and Perryville in Missouri.