TINY Pomeranian puppy called Snowball becomes an online hit

Being a pet owner can have lots of positive aspects. Pets can be our best friends, confidants, motivators and even our teachers.

That’s what Yhohan Kim from South Korea thought when she got her tiny Pomeranian puppy named Snowball. But one thing that he could not imagine is his dog becoming an internet sensation.

Pomeranians like Snowball are considered loyal companions who are highly protective of their owners. The cute puppy appears to be smaller than his owner’s shoe in this shot.

Here, a playful Snowball can be seen running towards its owner. Little Snowball gets his name because of his crisp, white, puffy fur making him resemble an actual snowball.

Walking with confidence and looking proud are two characteristics of the Pomeranian dogs. There is no doubt that the very playful white Pom-pom loves to be the center of attention.